Harrison dryers (осушители рефрижераторного типа)

Видеообзор Harrison dryers
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Одним из важных элементов любой пневматической системы является осушитель. Дело в том, что относительная влажность воздуха на выходе из компрессора колеблется в пределах от 30% до 90%. Попадание этой влаги внутрь пневмосистемы может привести к самым плачевным последствиям: от ускоренной коррозии до поломки пневматического оборудования и инструмента. И именно осушитель позволяет избежать подобных проблем.

The dryer is an important element of a pneumatic system. As a rule, air relative humidity at the outlet of the compressor varies in between 30-90%. In case of getting moisture inside the equipment there might be different consequences: from corrosion of components to a system crash. It is of highly importance to prepare the air when painting.

Thus, the removal of the moisture contained in the compressed air is required. Nowadays, one of the most common and the simplest way of reducing the moisture level – is the usage of the refrigeration dryers. In terms of operation the refrigeration dryers are similar to a refrigerator or a conditioner.

The moisture contained in the compressed air is first cooled and then removed. The dew point in the refrigerator dryer, as a rule, equals +3 degree Celsius — this is the air cooling temperature at which water vapor in the air reaches its saturation point and condenses to dew with the constant level of the air pressure.

In general, the working process of the refrigeration dryer is quite simple: the heat supplied with the compressed air is absorbed by cooled air in a heat exchanger, which moves in the opposite direction. This process does not require additional energy. At this stage about 60% of moisture in the compressed air is condensed.

The compressed air reaches the condensation temperature while passing through a refrigerator heat exchanger and then cooling. The compressor circulates the refrigerant. All the moisture remaining in the compressed air is cooled after reaching the condensation level pressure and then automatically removed.

The Harrison Company represents a large line of the dryers with performance from 200 to 10000 gallons, which can be used with compressors with the pressure up to 16 bar.

You should note that these dryers can be used as a monoblock version with the compressor, or as a separate element of the pneumatic system.

The main features of the dryers:

  • economical power consumption;
  • low noise;
  • easy operation;
  • durability;
  • high performance.

Официальным представителем Harrison в России является ООО «Технологии Промышленного Сервиса». Компания осуществляет комплексное сопровождение и поддержку проектов по внедрению компрессорного оборудования Harrison на предприятиях, обеспечивает гарантийное и пост-гарантийное обслуживание. Заказать компрессорное оборудование Harrison можно на официальном сайте https://harrison-compressors.ru